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The significance of the Orchid

The meanings of orchids have included wealth, love and beauty. For the ancient Greeks, orchids suggested virility, and at the time of England such popularity increased the significance of orchids transformed to become a symbol of luxury. Throughout history, orchids have also been used as a means of preventing diseases healing.

Today, it is considered the orchid as a symbol of exotic beauty and delicacy. Orchids are one of the house plants that have more followers in the world. Its charm has the ability to impress anyone who receives it as a gift above any other flower.

25 blue orchid 1699


Types of Orchids

With an estimated 15,000 different types of orchids that live naturally each year. Orchids flowers belong to one of the largest families of flowering plants. Generally, it is thought that the orchid lives in a tropical habitat because they are exotic flowers. However, today grow in almost all climates. Some experts consider it as a flower that has evolved in the world, precisely because of its great variety.

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