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How to Select Your Wedding Flowers

We are in July, the month of flowers, which are a fundamental part of the decor of your wedding. You’ve probably spent hours at the computer watching flowers decorations that fascinate you, but probably you have no idea of their names or flowers that you would like your wedding decorate to this.

Some Useful Tips:

1 Single flower is prohibited

If you have a favorite flower or a favorite color, these must be the day of your wedding and not others. Fashions are fine but do not always follow them. Just be sure you choose the flower stand good climate to stay fresh and beautiful all day.

2. Choose seasonal flowers

Do not forget to know the seasonal flowers are essential so you can get them more easily, freshness and best price.

3 Take advices to your florist

Talk to your trusted florist about what variety of flowers you can guarantee they will stay fresh all day. If you do not know any local florist or do not have time, your Wedding Planner will handle everything.

4 Look a budget

The flowers are beautiful but can be very expensive if we do not choose well. We regularly see photos of flowers decoration at weddings and fell in love with them but maybe that kind of flower is imported or not in season, which increases the price.

It is best to set yourself a budget and consult with the florist which flowers seasonal suit him. Sure that the variety is much greater than you think and find the perfect flowers for your big day.

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