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The meaning of the color of the flowers

Always emit all over the place and above all things, is the color of light and can mean: selfishness, jealousy, envy, hatred, adolescence, laughter, pleasure.


Is the color of flaming fire, has been chosen as a sign of caution. It can mean: glee, holiday, pleasure, aurora, presence of sun.

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It is light (no color) spreads. Expresses the idea: innocence, peace. Children, divinity, absolute stability, calm, harmony. To the East is the color that indicates death.

It is the color that matches everything and leaving each color its own merits without influencing them may express: Grief, boredom, old, old age, indeterminacy, discouragement.

It is the opposite of light, it concentrates all in itself, is the colorful solution of separation, sadness. You can determine all that is hidden and veiled: death, murder, night. It also has positive feelings such as: reliability, nobility, though.

It is a color that seems to reach out to, the right to express enthusiastic and communicative joy. It is the most exciting of colors, it can mean: passion, emotion, action, aggression, danger.

The old adage, “you see everything pink,” accurately reflects its meaning simplicity, kindness, tenderness, feeling good, and no evil.


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