The significance of the Orchid

The meanings of orchids have included wealth, love and beauty. For the ancient Greeks, orchids suggested virility, and at the time of England such popularity increased the significance of orchids transformed to become a symbol of luxury. Throughout history, orchids have also been used as a means of preventing diseases healing.

Today, it is considered the orchid as a symbol of exotic beauty and delicacy. Orchids are one of the house plants that have more followers in the world. Its charm has the ability to impress anyone who receives it as a gift above any other flower.

25 blue orchid 1699


Types of Orchids

With an estimated 15,000 different types of orchids that live naturally each year. Orchids flowers belong to one of the largest families of flowering plants. Generally, it is thought that the orchid lives in a tropical habitat because they are exotic flowers. However, today grow in almost all climates. Some experts consider it as a flower that has evolved in the world, precisely because of its great variety.


Beautiful and seasonal flowers for your wedding

Flowers are essential in a wedding, especially to decorate the church. Personally I recommend using natural flowers.

Natural flowers transform a simple space into an elegant space and especially welcoming to all the guests. To give elegance and charm to the religious ceremony must place in beautiful high altar arrangements.

It is very important that the flowers you’ve chosen to decorate the church combined with the rest of the decor. You should not place the flowers in place, it is best that you hire a specialized person in the wedding decoration. We must choose seasonal flowers, as these are cheaper than imported flowers and we can get in any flower store.

The flowers you pick should convey your tastes and personality of the bride. It is therefore very important that the bride select the flowers.

You must use scented flowers to give the impression that they are more; flowers with a strong scent will perfume the church environment.

The scented flowers are: Frangipani, lilies, jasmine and sweet peas, so do not hesitate to use them.

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How to Select Your Wedding Flowers

We are in July, the month of flowers, which are a fundamental part of the decor of your wedding. You’ve probably spent hours at the computer watching flowers decorations that fascinate you, but probably you have no idea of their names or flowers that you would like your wedding decorate to this.

Some Useful Tips:

1 Single flower is prohibited

If you have a favorite flower or a favorite color, these must be the day of your wedding and not others. Fashions are fine but do not always follow them. Just be sure you choose the flower stand good climate to stay fresh and beautiful all day.

2. Choose seasonal flowers

Do not forget to know the seasonal flowers are essential so you can get them more easily, freshness and best price.

3 Take advices to your florist

Talk to your trusted florist about what variety of flowers you can guarantee they will stay fresh all day. If you do not know any local florist or do not have time, your Wedding Planner will handle everything.

4 Look a budget

The flowers are beautiful but can be very expensive if we do not choose well. We regularly see photos of flowers decoration at weddings and fell in love with them but maybe that kind of flower is imported or not in season, which increases the price.

It is best to set yourself a budget and consult with the florist which flowers seasonal suit him. Sure that the variety is much greater than you think and find the perfect flowers for your big day.

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Best Flowers for Wedding Decoration

The flowers are beautiful and captivate us with their colors, aromas and shapes. Each has its own characteristics and is normal for us pleasing some more than others, depending on your taste and personality. Of course considering the needs, the use to which they give the required strength and availability, there are some species that stand out above others in the wedding celebration. And although any flower can suit the decoration, is no coincidence that these form the majority of bouquets and floral arrangements. Carnations: economic plus, they look beautiful in dense spherical or arrangements.


Tulips: perfect for floral arrangements and bridal bouquets. Orchids: it is known that its delicacy and beauty. Callas: although the usual color is white, there are various shades. The most heated are perfect for a wedding day, while soft and clear night stand. Flowers are cheerful and colorful. Roses: always be present at the wedding. Besides offering variety of colors, blend perfectly with other species and are easily grouped into bouquets, centerpieces and spherical arrangements. To help this information you decide on one or more, it is necessary that you know and appreciate its beauty. So we suggest you enjoy our blog of the best flowers for wedding decoration. Mumbai Flowers World offer you cheap flowers delivery in Mumbai and you can easily send flowers to Mumbai. We also are providing you midnight flowers delivery in Mumbai at very competitive price.

Father’s Day: flowers according to their meaning

Mumbai Flowers World advocates giving away plants and flowers on Father’s Day. The flowers hide behind a hidden language, so there pay attention to convey the right message to them. Want to know what is the perfect flower for our parents on this day? Geranium Rosa Pink Geranium symbolizes preference, so if your father is house used this flower to pass it secretly. The Geraniums are popular for their flowers and aroma, to keep it in top condition should place it in a sunny location benefits from direct exposure, remove the dried flowers for greater flowering. 12 pink carnation 599 Red & White Rose Red roses express purity and white passion, their combination is a perfect combination of union and alliance. Roses are one of the best selling flowers and valued for their great beauty. We recommend placing them in areas protected from wind and sun. Flowers Delivery in Mumbai Climbing Flowers Climbing flowers give attention to the beauty of the soul so that it can be a good gift for any occasion. It is a delicate and fragile flower, buy it tries to combine late flowering clematis with others that are about to bloom. Most of their species need direct contact with the sun and fertile soils. Best Father's Day FlowersPlanning to Send flowers to Mumbai Online, Mumbai Flowers World provide best & cheap  Flowers Delivery in Mumbai. We are top Online Florist in Mumbai with huge delivery network.

Select beautiful flowers on a special date

If you spent trying to find some beautiful flowers to give to someone special, then this task should be performed by online flowers store, a status may be mentioned as the ideal online florists to find a great variety and diversity of such precious gifts. Different categories of beautiful flowers, you will find in our online store, where orchids, roses , sunflowers , daisies and a few others have done the primary choice of every visitor. In the pictures you can see at the top find something special because among so many yellow flowers, has been placed into one of the same species.   5[1]   WHITE AND RED ROSE IN HEART SHAPE Variety and diversity of beautiful flowers in different arrangements That’s the most important thing that a person should take into relation, for if we speak of a floral arrangement, the same should be referred to different species of beautiful flowers or at least one type but with different colors. Red and yellow for sure that will be highlighted in a floral arrangement, which is not hard to find and rather you should try to find out how many more combinations.   36 MIX COLOUR ROSES@899 -red-rose-bouquet-diamante-sme    

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The meaning of the color of the flowers

Always emit all over the place and above all things, is the color of light and can mean: selfishness, jealousy, envy, hatred, adolescence, laughter, pleasure.


Is the color of flaming fire, has been chosen as a sign of caution. It can mean: glee, holiday, pleasure, aurora, presence of sun.

ImageWHITE :-
It is light (no color) spreads. Expresses the idea: innocence, peace. Children, divinity, absolute stability, calm, harmony. To the East is the color that indicates death.

It is the color that matches everything and leaving each color its own merits without influencing them may express: Grief, boredom, old, old age, indeterminacy, discouragement.

It is the opposite of light, it concentrates all in itself, is the colorful solution of separation, sadness. You can determine all that is hidden and veiled: death, murder, night. It also has positive feelings such as: reliability, nobility, though.

It is a color that seems to reach out to, the right to express enthusiastic and communicative joy. It is the most exciting of colors, it can mean: passion, emotion, action, aggression, danger.

The old adage, “you see everything pink,” accurately reflects its meaning simplicity, kindness, tenderness, feeling good, and no evil.


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